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Stop by Obra on Tuesday, October 24th to chat about automating Sacramento! Discussion lead by Obra Co-founder and Technology Director, Brandon Ortiz.

Sacramento Park(ing) Day

Obra partnered with Downtown Sacramento Partnership to create a Parklet for Sacramento’s Park(ing) Day. Obra’s team built the structure in-house while DSP lead the design and interactive portions.

Meet Beatrix

Meet BEATRIX, an extensible, portable entertainment system. It was built in-house by the Obra team using CAD software, CNC machines, and readily available materials. BEATRIX provides quality sound, LED lighting, wheels, and is battery-powered. With the goal of supporting street-performing, Obra collaborated with Sac Dance Lab to produce a series of free pop-up dance shows for pedestrian audiences in Sacramento. BEATRIX strives to activate public spaces, while demonstrating art and technology.

Alums’ new company blends art and tech under one roof

Step into Obra, a new company located in a warehouse just north of midtown Sacramento, and it’s quickly apparent you’re seeing something different. Workbenches and giant wood cutting tables sit next to a room full of computers and soldering irons. Beyond that, there’s a dance floor – built in-house – complete with mirrors and a barre. READ MORE



At Obra, we live to create. We are a community-minded, arts-focused flex factory offering product design and production services to the Sacramento area. Founded by a team of both artists and technologists, we strive to make innovative and artistic contributions. Obra is the fabric that connects conscious production to conscious consumers by seeking local materials, collaborating with local creatives, and establishing a diverse creative network.

Specifically, the design and production services we offer range from electrical, software/mechanical systems, and even reach live art production and performance. In addition, Obra is capable of hosting rehearsals, classes and workshops in our facility, or carry your products in our online store.

Contact us for more information, or to schedule a tour of our facility.